Indoor, Outdoor, On Bed or Floor

VIEWnet ultimate protection against Mosquitoes & other insects

Established since 1984
VIEWnet Designed in 1994
Available at Stores since 2002
L-RAMP Innovation Awards 2006  
-  by IIT-Madras & Lemelson Foundation U.



Safe Mode - Direct Selling Agents

                                                                 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY

We are manufacturers of consumer durable offering a very safe & secure business opportunity for those interested in an additional source of revenue.

 All will start with a starters scheme called Safe Mode, where you will buy products for ₹25,000/- (excluding shipping charge). You would receive a Starter Kit worth ₹2000/- absolutely free (limited period only) Apart from the Safe Mode Seller Margin.

 In this scheme you would start by selling only 10 to 16 numbers of VIEWnet. You could profit upto Rs.8,000/- p.m. then expand your business and earn higher returns. Depending on your confidence & capability you can progressively grow to be a Dynamic seller, Super seller or Dealer for many special innovative products & patented products we intend to introduce very soon.

 This opportunity would be ideal for senior citizens, retired officers, housewives - anyone above 18 years of age and confident of selling consumer durable products to friends & relatives. By chance you are unable to sell in the Safe Mode, you can return the products and your balance amount available would be refunded, deducting shipping charges & damages if any (alternatively you can take deliveries on your confirmed sales to avoid deduction).
If you do not purchase using your customer ID for 90 days (i.e; 3 months) after registering, it automatically terminates your seller status. To regain you need to start afresh as a Safe Mode Seller.

 As you gain experience as a Safe Mode Seller, you expand to be a Dynamic Seller, Super Seller or Dealer based on your monthly purchase volumes / values to which your margins also proportionately increases. The sky is your limit. (If you are interested in Distributorship for a particular Area / District / City / State, please contact us).
Once you complete Safe Mode and re-purchase as a Super Seller for ₹ 20,000/- you would be referred for delivery of online orders and direct inquiries within your vicinity coordinating online with our sales team.

This is a win-win model. There is absolutely no catch, no terms & conditions in fine print except that you sell only at the M.R.P (Maximum Retail Price). This is a very simple and open Buy-Sell-Profit business.


                                                                       How To Proceed

 Buy the Bulk Purchase Safe Mode DSA worth ₹25,000/- from the product list choosing colour Bulk order & quantity 1 no. This automatically registers your application as a Safe Mode DSA (Direct Selling Agent). You would be assigned a customer ID which you can use for future purchases and communications with us. After making the purchase, you will receive a Starter Kit worth ₹2,000/- absolutely FREE (Limited period only) Apart from the Safe Mode Seller Margin.

  The starter Kit consists of a
VIEWnet single size, some leaflets, your buying rates at each category and details for selling. Subsequently on receiving the starter kit, you should e-mail the sizes, colours and the quantity you wish to buy with your registered customer ID and the payment transaction ID. Your desired materials after deducting the available payment and shipping charges would be dispatched through any reputed road transport you suggest. Click on products - Bulk Purchase - Safe Mode DSA.

 Once you have completed your sale through Safe Mode you automatically become a Dynamic Seller purchasing each time for Rs.10,000/- or Rs.20,000/-. You are termed Super Seller when you buy for Rs.40,000/- or more per month. Your Customer ID remains the same and it gains value. You need to provide the transaction ID of the payment made each time you request delivery against it.
Once you complete Safe Mode and re-purchase as a Super Seller for ₹ 20,000/- you would be referred for delivery of online orders and direct inquiries within your vicinity coordinating online with our sale team.

To be a regular Dealer you need to have a show room space and in due course register for a TIN no. (VAT) and other licenses as per government norms.

The whole idea for a long term partnering with you (Dynamic Sellers & Super Sellers Only) is to reach customers with our new Patented Products that are to be introduced. Creating a Win - Win triangle and a great business value for us (Manufacturer) - you (our DSA / Dealer) - & our Customer.


About Us

VIEWnet Cosy Industries
is Manufacturing Unit with 100% women. The unit is managed by women & a dedicated team of female employees who are all well trained. The product was designed & developed in the year 1994. Given to friends initially for feed back and study, we got suggestions that has made it  commercially successful. Awards from IIT - Madras and above all the appreciation from customers have been our driving force in continuously making improvements to our products.

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