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VIEWnet ultimate protection against Mosquitoes & other insects

Established since 1984
VIEWnet Designed in 1994
Available at Stores since 2002
L-RAMP Innovation Awards 2006  
-  by IIT-Madras & Lemelson Foundation U.



Q. How safe is the Payment Gateway?
A. EBS payment gateway is a subsidiary of AXIS BANK. More over they are VeriSign, PCI, Master/VISA Card & McAfee Secure & Authorised. 
You also have the option to pay (along with the shipping charges) through any State Bank of India branch across INDIA to COSY INDUSTRIES A/C No: 32538926748 IFSC Code: SBIN0004033 (Branch SSSI Br Ekkattuthangal - Br Code: 04033) and then mail the details of payment, along with the product detail you wish to order -  size, colour, quantity & the delivery address to This transaction would take 3 days as we need to verify & confirm details and then ship your order. Mere deposit does not give us details of your requirement, hence you need to confirm by email or a hard copy (written) confirmation (we do not accept telephonic confirmation) of the deposit which should include the product price and the shipping charges. Further your name, full delivery address with PIN code, Product details with quantity and colour should also be included in the mail / letter.
Q. How to select VIEWnet for my cot size?
A. Just measure the mattress size. In case you are tall or need a non standard size to be used on a standard bed then ensure that the foot board on your cot is in level or lower than the mattress, only then you can use a non standard size. We would not exchange to a different size or colour at any circumstance if the box is opened - seal opened.
Q. When can I get VIEWnet and how ?
A. Almost always, Yes! We ship within one business day and you can use it the Next Day by Air if necessary (logistics charges apply). See Shipping and Ordering for details.

Q. What is the difference between the conventional net and the VIEWnet?
A. The Conventional nets offers basic protection against mosquitoes and flying insects while the VIEWnet offers an extraordinarily high level of protection and comfort against all types of INSECTS above all, its easily foldable (unfoldable) within seconds from when you decide to go to bed (or out of Bed), thus it occupies very little space.

Q. What is the difference between other new nets and VIEWnet?
A. VIEWnet was designed in the year 1994 and commercialised in 2002 and has received Innovation award from I.I.T - Madras. The materials used in the manufacture of VIEWnet are carefully selected to suit its purpose with the users health and comfort in mind. User's have to select nets that are 1) Safe - approved by WHO (World Health Organisation), 2) shaped rectangular to cover the corners of the bed not touching the body of the user while at sleep and finally 3) The user should be able to quickly (within seconds) move out of the bed easily in case of an emergency.

Q. I'm 6' 2", will the VIEWnet be big enough for me?
A. Yes, the VIEWnet has sufficient extension at the top & bottom by placing the pillow over the upper rib and for those who need to put their feet out past the end of the bed.

Q. Can I use the VIEWnet outdoors?
A. You can use it just about anywhere. It doesn't need any external support, sturdy and its easily foldable.

Q. What keeps the VIEWnet from falling off the bed?
A. Your weight is on the floor of the net. The Travel Tent can't fall off as long as you are in it.

Q. Why does the price seem costly for VIEWnet when compared to conventional or other new nets?
A. VIEWnet is rightly priced, it is value for the materials used. The materials are very carefully and rightly selected for their purpose. A comparison of the material quality or the life of the net and utility would prove.

Q. Does the VIEWnet have less air circulation?
A. All nets have about the same restriction to air flow, cotton nets have a higher restriction due to the hairy filaments (yarn). A regular user would enjoy the use of net as its 100% protection, works indoor, outdoor and gives freshness the next morning. One can continue to enjoy sleep during power failures if used for a minimum of 15 or 20 nights.
Q. Are cotton nets the best?
A. Unlike garments the cotton net is not going to be touched by one during sleep moreover the cotton nets are costly, they shrink a lot, dirt & stains are very difficult to be removed.

About Us

VIEWnet Cosy Industries
is Manufacturing Unit with 100% women. The unit is managed by women & a dedicated team of female employees who are all well trained. The product was designed & developed in the year 1994. Given to friends initially for feed back and study, we got suggestions that has made it  commercially successful. Awards from IIT - Madras and above all the appreciation from customers have been our driving force in continuously making improvements to our products.

Sleeping Tips

If you suffer from difficulty falling asleep/staying asleep (insomnia), follow these simple guidelines for a good night's sleep and a fresh morning.
  • Maintain regular bedtime & wake time.
  • Avoid caffine (tea, coffee, colas), alcohol and smoking.
  • Exercise regularly early in the day.
  • Avoid afternoon naps.
  • Do something relaxing before bedtime.
  • Keep bedroom comfortable, quite and dark while sleeping. Avoid excessive time in the bed. Ensure tha...

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