Indoor/Outdoor... on bed or floor...VIEWnet ultimate protection against Mosquitoes & other insects...

VIEWnet designed in 1994 available since 2002

* Metal rod ribs with PVC over lay for ease & durability.
* HDPE Knit Fabric stops the smallest of insects & gives better air flow.

Foldable ribs, for easy entrance & storage.
* 15cm (6") cotton frill stops fleas, bed bugs, spiders & other crawling insects.


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VIEWnet product

VIEWnet is a foldable, portable, washable mosquito net in India, Chennai giving 100% Protection - that is easy to use, fold and carry. It is available in 3 different colours and 6 different sizes and also as crib and cradle nets.

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VIEW Consumer Products
is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified organisation and a 100% women's enterprise. The unit is managed by women & a dedicated team of female employees who are all well trained. The product was designed & developed in the year 1994. Given to friends initially for feed back and study, we got suggestions that has made it  commercially sucessfull. Awards from IIT-Madras and above all the appreciation from customers have been our driving force in continuously making improvements to our products.

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